• Factory-Engineered Performance – IS F and LFA
  • F SPORT Vehicles Feature Sharper Handling and More Aggressive Factory Aesthetics
  • F SPORT Performance Accessories Offer Individual Upgrades

LAS VEGAS – Sept. 25, 2013 – When Lexus launched in 1989, its vehicles were synonymous with luxury, refinement and craftsmanship.  Almost 25 years later, the brand has evolved and evokes more emotion throughout its product line-up. For those enthusiasts who want an even higher level of engagement, three different levels of F SPORT performance are available.
Lexus offers factory-engineered performance in three ways: Through stand-alone models—IS F and LFA; factory-tuned F SPORT models—CT 200h , IS 250/350C, IS 250/350, GS 350, LS 460, RX 350; and F SPORT Performance Accessories—individual performance and appearance upgrades for select models. 
The “F” has signified specially designed vehicles with high-output powertrains and unique development processes.  It represents vehicles that followed a unique path and different standards.  When the Lexus brand was first conceived, the project was internally known as “Circle F.”  Lexus’ first car, the LS sedan, was known as “F1” for Flagship One. 

Like the “F” heritage, the IS F and LFA also fell outside of the normal engineering and development processes. The IS F performance sedan and LFA supercar offer Lexus’ highest factory-engineered performance possible. 

The IS F was the first Lexus to wear the “F” marque and feature an eight-speed direct sport-shift transmission when it launched in 2008 model year.  Its 5.0-liter V8 engine delivers 416 horsepower and impressive handling on both road and track.  

To further differentiate itself within the IS line-up, the high performance sedan has wider fenders to fit the largest wheels and tires of any Lexus sedan.  The IS F rolls on 19-inch forged aluminum BBS wheels (19×8.5 front and 19×9.5 rear) and either Bridgestone Potenza or Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires (225/40R19 front and 225/35R19 rear). Four vertically stacked exhaust diffusers also make the IS F visually unmistakable.

Like the IS F, much of the LFA development took place on the track. The 2012 LFA can tackle the Nürburgring Nordschleife just as easily as it does city streets with its dynamic balance and lightweight carbon fiber construction. The LFA team developed its own carbon fiber reinforced plastic processes internally for quality control.  Master craftsmen or “takumi” assembled 500 units by hand for global distribution.

A compact 4.8-liter V10 engine exclusive to the LFA produces 552 horsepower and 354 lb.-ft. torque. To match the LFA’s quickness to rev, it features a Thin Film Transistor (TFT) meter cluster with a LCD needle that keeps up with the engine’s fast revs.

Its remarkable exhaust note, tuned by Yamaha and inspired by Formula 1, sings with exuberance.  Large diameter exhaust manifolds enhance the sound quality before it exits through the striking tri-outlet exhaust outlets.

The LFA uses carbon ceramic brake rotors to reduce weight and brake fade. Featuring 15.4-inch diameter front discs and 14.2-inch diameter rear discs, the LFA has impressive stopping power.  It also features Lexus’ first shoulder belt SRS airbag system.     

Lexus offered the LFA Nürburgring edition for LFA enthusiasts who wanted more performance.  This edition provided 10 additional horsepower, a reduction of gear-shift time by 0.05 seconds, an enhanced sport-tuned suspension, exclusive black mesh-type wheels and dedicated high grip tires, and a larger front spoiler and fixed rear wing for improved high speed down force.

Lexus’ enthusiasm for performance is seen throughout the F SPORT vehicle line up—CT 200h premium hybrid compact, IS 250/350 sport sedan, IS 250/350C hardtop convertible, GS 350 luxury sedan, LS 460 flagship luxury sedan and RX 350 luxury utility vehicle. Lexus F SPORT vehicles offer luxury with a more aggressive edge.

The primary distinction for F SPORT vehicles is their factory-installed chassis. Suspension calibrations give the vehicles sharper handling and feel. These F SPORT models have aggressive exterior styling and sporty interior trim thanks to factory-installed appearance enhancements. Although each F SPORT model has distinct wheels and grilles, F SPORT packages vary according to model. The RX 350 F SPORT includes driveline enhancements for improved performance. 

F SPORT Performance Accessories are also available for the IS C convertible and previous generation IS and GS sedans, and will be offered soon for the current generation IS and GS sedan.  Individual performance and appearance parts allow drivers to upgrade their vehicle step-by-step with the confidence of a factory warranty.  F SPORT Performance Accessories including springs, shocks, sway bars, brake components, and intake and exhaust systems, are engineered and tested to the same
Lexus standards required of factory parts. 

Regardless of the level of performance Lexus owners seek, their desires can be realized. Whether it’s a high-performance F model, a factory F SPORT package, or the addition of F SPORT accessories, Lexus offers something for every Lexus enthusiast.




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