5 Things to Know About the Advanced Technology of the 2022 Lexus NX

5 Things to Know About the Advanced Technology of the 2022 Lexus NX

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Engineered with the future of luxury in mind, the 2022 Lexus NX symbolizes intuitive innovation.

Here are five advanced technology features — both visible and invisible to the human eye — that make the NX a luxury marvel ideal for real life.

An Intuitive Multimedia System with a Flair of Concierge

Mounted on the NX’s dashboard is the all-new Lexus Interface multimedia system, bringing a concierge experience into the crossover’s cabin. Installed in the standard 9.8-inch touchscreen display is a new Human Machine Interface (HMI) that responds to sight, touch and voice. Front seat guests can interact with the system simply by speaking. A larger 14-inch digital display with integrated climate control is optional.

Want to know the day’s weather? Just ask. In the mood to hear a favorite tune? Sit back and scroll without turning any knobs. Drivers can say exactly what they need. They can activate the navigation, use the phone, open and close windows and select vehicle settings, such as climate control.

Drivers can even use the Lexus App to add their preferred driving settings and radio stations to the cloud through the Lexus Interface User Profile. The profile transfers with you to other Lexus Interface-equipped vehicles.

It’s a seamless integration of technology and convenience.

A Clear, Expanded View with Remote Possibilities

Pulling into a tight parking spot or backing out from a cul-de-sac driveway is easier with the NX’s first-ever available digital mirror. The NX is outfitted with an HD camera that expands the driver’s field of vision, giving a clear view of obstacles behind the vehicle.

A Digital Key on Your Phone 

These useful tech features — and the thoughtful functionality — don’t end there. Ever stow keys into a deep pocket or the bottom of a tote bag and hurry off to meet friends for lunch, only to realize the vehicle’s doors aren’t locked? With access to Bluetooth, the all-new Digital Key, which operates similarly to a smartphone’s digital wallet, can be used to lock and unlock the NX. With a tap of a fingertip, voila, the NX’s doors lock shut.

And drivers can use the Lexus App to start and stop the NX’s engine using a synched smart device. It’s all just a touch away.

An Innovative Digital Latch with Safe Exit Assist

Creature comforts continue with a Digital Latch system, a first for Lexus, that makes it easy and safe to open and close the NX’s doors. At the touch of a button, the NX’s doors open smoothly.

On a busy street? The Digital Latch system works with Safe Exit Assist to scan for motorists or cyclists approaching from the rear, to help the driver and all passengers get where they need to be.

Level Up: Lexus Safety System+ 3.0

And, of course, the latest NX comes equipped with the innovative Lexus Safety System+ 3.0. This means added peace of mind knowing that the vehicle includes a bevy of cutting-edge technologies to help guests navigate the road more safely.

Make that daily highway commute a bit easier knowing the Risk Avoidance Emergency Steer Assist provides gentle steering inputs within the vehicle’s lane to assist in avoiding certain detected objects. And, a series of alerts can notify guests when trouble lies ahead, whether it’s a car or a pedestrian.

For example, under certain circumstances, Left Turn Oncoming Vehicle Detection/Braking provides a warning and automatic braking if the driver turns left in front of an oncoming vehicle. Also, when conditions are met, a Right/Left Turn Oncoming Pedestrian Detection/Braking system sounds a warning and may activate automatic braking should the system detect a preceding pedestrian or cyclist while making a left or right hand turn at an intersection. And, Oncoming Vehicle Detection has been added to the Pre-Collision System; which is designed to alert guests and may activate automatic emergency braking to help avoid a front collision when conditions are met.

But enhancing the driving experience is also at the heart of these high-tech safety features. Maintain a cruising speed that stays with the flow of traffic on a scenic drive or a getaway trip with the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control with Curve Speed Management. It also assists with speed on curves. Intelligent High Beam, an option on the NX, offers extra illumination when the road ahead is clear, then temporarily switches to low beams when headlights or taillights of vehicles ahead are detected.

The 2022 Lexus NX offers a seamless integration of technological advancements that satisfy each guest’s needs using customization and functionality.


To learn more about the 2022 Lexus NX, visit here.

Originally published October 14, 2021

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