A Sense of Excitement Returns in the 2021 Lexus Black Line Edition RC and ES

A Sense of Excitement Returns in the 2021 Lexus Black Line Edition RC and ES

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While we’ve all had a little trouble keeping our days straight this year, we haven’t forgotten the thrill of driving a fun car. Dynamic, stimulating, and a boost for the emotions, the 2021 Lexus RC 300, RC 350 and ES 350 F SPORT bring a new taste of excitement with the specially-made Black Line special editions, re-engaging the familiar thrill of driving—and bring us back to ourselves.

Sight and touch are first to come back online thanks to exclusive design touches, such as the Ash Wood steering wheel trim of the RC and darkened outer mirrors on the ES. The sense of sound is activated by sport-tuned exhausts with darkened tips.

Touch the Zero Haliburton® Travel Cases, designed exclusively for Lexus, and recall the sensation of exploring the world, and the rare colors, scents and music in it. A set of the Edge Lightweight 22-inch Continental Carry-on and a 26-inch Medium Travel Case is included with each Black Line series vehicle. Crafted to stow perfectly in the trunk or hatch, these custom cases feature brushed aluminum surfaces, concave edging and customized wheel systems for a smooth roll.

And while it’s not a sense, the experience of rarity is often found in those things we cherish. Rarity can be touched in textures and finishes, and it can be felt in the seldom seen. The 2021 Lexus Black Line RC is limited to just 350 tailor-made vehicles. And, in the 2021 Lexus Black Line ES sedan, only 1,500 will be produced.

What about smell? Well, we are talking about new cars. And finally, taste: That’s all yours, and it’s excited to go for a ride with you, too.

The Craft of the Coupe

Check out a few of the exclusive optional sensory details of the RC 300 and RC 350 Black Line Special Edition:

  • Ultra White or all-new Cloudburst Gray exterior paint options
  • Premium Triple-Beam LED headlamps
  • 19-inch F SPORT wheels finished in Black Sputtering Chrome
  • Surfaces covered in Black NuLuxe® accented by silver-colored stitching
  • Silver-colored stitching on interior cabin pieces

A Sedan for the Senses

Like the rest of the ES 350 lineup, the 2021 Lexus ES 350 F SPORT Black Line Special Edition includes improved traction and new all-wheel drive, both enhancing our feel of the road. Take a look at some of the other feasts for the senses:

  • Ultrasonic Blue Mica 2.0, Obsidian and Ultra White exterior paint options
  • Two-tone interior that features white and black coloring with gray stitching (F Sport only)
  • Darkened F SPORT wheels and lug nuts
  • Sporty, black rear lip spoiler

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Originally published November 17, 2020

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