The future is electrified, and Lexus is committed to making it a reality. With the goal of achieving carbon neutrality, Lexus revealed its first global battery EV (BEV), the 2023 Lexus RZ 450e, this year as a part of its ‘Lexus Electrified’ future.

Discover five of the most important things to know about the first-ever RZ 450e.

The ‘Lexus Electrified’ Vision Comes to Life

At the heart of the ‘Lexus Electrified’ vision is the need to offer existing Lexus models with electrified powertrains — something Lexus is committed to offering across lines by 2035. But Lexus also recognizes the need to create entirely new vehicles that push the boundaries of what Battery EVs look and feel like.

In just a glance, the RZ 450e speaks volumes about its innovative design, inside and out. By replacing the traditional spindle grille with a BEV Spindle Body, the exterior design of the RZ expresses an aesthetic that ushers in a new generation of Lexus style. A unique roof spoiler tops the vehicle and reduces aerodynamic force, and, because there’s no engine to cool, the hood sits lower for an especially sleek silhouette.

Lexus Driving Signature in an All-Electric Powertrain

By far, the biggest challenge Lexus faced in designing an entirely new BEV was delivering on the Lexus Driving Signature experience with an entirely electric drivetrain. The 2023 Lexus RZ 450e accomplishes just that. With optimal placement of battery and motor, the RZ achieves the best weight distribution for responsiveness. The DIRECT4 all-wheel drive controls the front and rear drive force according to driving conditions for a serene sensation known as “The Natural.”

Additionally, the new eAxle (electronic axle) system also adds to the Lexus Driving Signature by integrating the motor, transaxle and inverter for more cruise range and interior space.

An Elegant, Human-Centered Interior

A luxury vehicle is never complete without a tasteful interior. In the 2023 RZ 450e, minimalism is the defining characteristic, removing clutter to maximize spaciousness and tranquility. There’s a feeling of openness as natural light shines through the panoramic roof.

Through intelligent design, the cockpit draws the driver’s eyes forward and reduces eye movement for a more relaxed driving experience. Finally, thoughtfully sourced interior materials amplify the message of sustainability that is core to ‘Lexus Electrified.’

Next Generation of Vehicle, Next Generation of Safety

Luxury calls for added peace of mind which, in turn, requires safety features. That’s why Lexus took a human-centered approach to enhancing already advanced safety technology for the RZ 450e. Along with the standard LSS+ 3.0 safety system, the available driver monitor capabilities include a compelling array of features, like a Pre-Collision System that is designed to alert drivers if the system determines the driver may be distracted or drowsy based on how often they look away from the road. The driver monitor system also updates the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (with full-speed follow function) designed to check the driver’s attentiveness and automatically adjust the distance between the RZ and the preceding vehicle.

Also, as part of the driver monitor system, Lane Departure Alert uses two techniques to help prevent the vehicle from drifting out of its lane — either alerting the driver or assisting with steering. And, thanks to driver monitoring, in the event of an emergency, the Emergency Driving Stop System* is designed to determine if the driver can no longer drive the vehicle when Lane Trace Assist is active and can bring the car to a gentle stop. Additionally, the vehicle has an available Advanced Park system that assists with hands-free parking, including forward-facing parking, parallel and back-up parking.

The Sound of a New Era

What does the future sound like? Without a combustion engine, BEVs are naturally very quiet, but aural feedback is an important part of a positive vehicle experience. To maintain the excitement of driving, Lexus engineers developed and produced an original sound. By matching frequencies with the vehicle’s speed, the car-driver dialogue is preserved, and the driver remains informed of their acceleration.

Front and rear seat acoustic glass also helps suppress undesirable outside noises so drivers can remain focused on the vehicle’s acoustics — unless, of course, the time is right for music. The RZ 450e features the North American-developed Lexus Interface multimedia system recently launched on the NX and LX. And, with voice commands, drivers can control the standard 14-inch touchscreen and easily navigate the music collection in their favorite devices.

Get ready for the new experiences ahead.

For more information on the 2023 Lexus RZ 450e here.

* Emergency Driving Stop System will not detect all emergency situations & only operates when Dynamic Radar Cruise Control & Lane Tracing Assist are active.  See Owner’s Manual for additional limitations.

* Do not overly rely on Advanced Park and use only in accordance with applicable laws. When parking using the hands-free feature, always pay attention to the vehicle’s surroundings. Before operating, refer to Owner’s Manual for additional instructions and limitations.


Originally published June 16, 2022

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