Jeff Bracken, GVP & GM, Lexus Division: 2018 NAIAS – Remarks

Jeff Bracken, GVP & GM, Lexus Division: 2018 NAIAS – Remarks

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Jeff Bracken, Group Vice President & General Manager, Lexus Division
2018 Detroit Auto Show
Lexus LF-1 Limitless Concept Vehicle Reveal
Cobo Center, Detroit
January 15, 2018

Good morning everyone…

That was an exclusive sneak peek of a new spot for our LC 500 Coupe showcasing Lexus performance and our exciting collaboration with Marvel Studios Black Panther movie.
This commercial begins airing next week but we wanted you to get a chance to see it first right here.

This LC coupe spot perfectly sets up our Super Bowl ad for the all-new fifth-generation LS — the flagship model that started it all for Lexus. You’ll have to wait a couple more weeks to see that LS ad. But there is one thing about our all-new LS and LS hybrid which hits dealer showrooms next month that I will share with you today.
One of the hallmarks of the LS has been amazing luxury at a value price and I’m happy to say that will continue. The starting price of the turbocharged LS will be $75,000. On a comparably equipped basis that’s a $4,000 value over the current gas model and the LS hybrid will start at just $79,510. Kind of brings new meaning to “value” in the prestige sedan segment.
Now let's talk about our future concept model. Just about any newspaper, magazine or website regarding the automotive industry seems to find its way to autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence.
And we have those conversations and plans too as evidenced by our many patents but we always come back to peoples’ emotional connection to our Lexus vehicles.
Think about it, how many other inanimate objects can trigger such strong emotional responses than a car, truck or utility vehicle?
I see a lot of emails, letters and social posts from customers who in fact name their vehicles and talk about them like a member of the family.
And today, we want to introduce you to a new concept vehicle from Lexus that could become a new member of our family.
This represents a new genre of a luxury high-performance crossover.

It blends innovative technology that’s beyond the limits of what’s available today an incredibly stylish interior like no other and a driving experience that combines a high-end luxury sedan with the seating and functionality of a crossover.
Ladies and gentlemen, please meet the Lexus LF-1 Limitless concept.
Ladies and gentlemen, the President of Lexus International, Yoshihiro Sawa.
Ok, so like the movie Limitless where Bradley Cooper is able to access 100 percent of his brain capability — our new concept can do just that. Well, pretty close anyway. The Lexus LF-1 Limitless taps into your emotional side — passion, desire and excitement, and gives you a glimpse of what a premium high-performance luxury crossover from Lexus could be.
Our brand has come a long way in creating designs that are expressive and engaging and LF-1 Limitless is our next Lexus step in innovation.
This gorgeous package was inspired by “molten katana”.
Our designers wanted to give a feeling of moving liquid metal that changes phase and form into a hard edge during the process of making a Japanese sword.
From every angle they wanted the surface to appear like it’s moving. Check out the set-back cabin and long hood. We'll get to what's under that hood in just a moment.
The LF-1 has a subtle muscular look has the popular high lift of a crossover while maintaining a low center of gravity for dynamic driving.
The Lexus trademark iconic shape can be seen from the rear to the front .and is capped off by our signature grille which now gives a sense of 3D movement.
These elements on the inside of the door serve as the controls for the doors and the seats. With a simple push the door opens and the windows can be raised or lowered with the wave of your hand.


Even the lighting welcomes the driver when walking toward the car highlighting the organic LED headlamps and front turn lights.
In the rear, an intricate blend of surfaces come together to create a podium for the tail lamps to rest on. The back also has a rear wing that splits down the middle allowing a clear view of the glass roof from front to back.
It also creates a distinctive look for the high-mount stop lamp.
Now when you look at the sides they give an impression of movement.
And so there’s no disruption in that flow, the rear door handles are hidden in the glass to create an elegant, coupe-like image and instead of side mirrors small cameras are incorporated.
And get this, those cameras can display multiple high-definition images in a wide angle view and blind spots to help when you’re changing lanes, parking or reversing.
And those are 22-inch wheels grounding the LF-1 for high-performance possibilities. The interior of the LF-1 also taps into your full emotions.
The meticulous craftsmanship and extensive use of high-quality materials provide a luxurious look and feel which is what customers expect
from Lexus.
For example, with the push of the start button an artistic light show welcomes the driver and passengers.
Fiber optics in the wood door panels engulf the interior in light that reflects the LF-1’s drive mode.
Okay, we talked about the exterior and interior so what about advanced technology? We’re on it.
For instance, the adaptive air suspension links with the Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management System, the navigation system, data from the web and visual data from the environment to evaluate roads, terrain and weather. That information adjusts ride height, shock absorber damping rates and roll stiffness. The system also adapts to match the driver’s pace and driving style.
There’s also a 4-D navigation system which is designed to anticipate your needs. For example, depending on the progress of the programmed trip the system may suggest a fuel stop, rest breaks or restaurants. It could even offer to make hotel reservations at the end of the day. It’s like having a concierge right in the comfort of your car. The LF-1 may know you better than some of your friends and family.
And not to be left out of the autonomous vehicle discussions, the LF-1 has a miniaturized supercomputer with links to navigation data, radar sensors and cameras for a 360-degree view of your surroundings with predictive capabilities. All this enables the LF-1’s Chauffeur mode of autonomous operation to get you to your destination safely.
But what about its power source? The possibilities are of course limitless. This concept could be propelled by fuel cell, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, gasoline or even all-electric.
And around 2025, every Lexus model around the world will be available either as a dedicated electrified model or have an electrified option.
Pretty much every consideration for our customers and their needs was put into the design of the LF-1 Limitless. And we’d like to recognize the team from Calty for their stunning design work.
Joining us is Kevin Hunter, President of CALTY.
Now for three decades, our focus has been on our customers and their experience with Lexus. I see it every day among our team members, designers, engineers and dealer partners. And that focus drives our design, technology and customer care.
For 2018, you'll see the results of that focus. Lexus will showcase

17 new concepts, special editions and all-new models. In fact, beginning next month the new 3-row versions of the RX and RX hybrid, the 2-row LX 570 and LC Inspiration Series all hit the market.
And with the LS sedan, LC coupe and now the debut of the LF-1 Limitless concept, you can see that Lexus is driven to provide luxury buyers with an experience that is amazing and human.
Now we’d like to invite the photographers on stage for a closer look at the LF-1 Limitless then we welcome all of the media to the stage to see this amazing concept vehicle up close and personal.
Thank you and enjoy the rest of the show.


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Jeff Bracken Lexus LF-1 Reveal 2018 NAIAS

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