Tokyo, Jan. 29 — Lexus International today announced the finalists for the third annual Lexus Design Award, an international competition that fosters the next generation of creators shaping a better future through design. A total of 1,171 entries from 72 countries were received. The 12 finalists will have the opportunity to present their ideas at Milan Design Week 2015.
Four of the 12 finalists will receive up to 2.5 million yen each and receive assistance to produce prototypes of their winning designs from four renowned mentors—world-famous engineer and architect Arthur Huang, game designer Robin Hunicke, architects and designers Neri & Hu, and designer Max Lamb. The four prototypes will be exhibited April 13-19, 2015 at Milan Design Week, the world's largest design exhibition.
Respondents were invited to explore the five senses in pioneering ways. The entries were screened by a panel of world-renowned judges and celebrated design mentors in November in Tokyo. Judging criteria included the depth of understanding and unique interpretation of the competition theme, as well as the uniqueness of perspective and originality of the proposed design concept. The judges were impressed by the wide variety of wonderfully original ideas.
The four prototype finalists include ANIMAL MASKS, which allow the wearer to see through animals' eyes; Diomedeidae, a kinetic sculpture whose motion and light appeal to the senses;  LUZ, which uses emotional lighting technology to create an environment appropriate to any weather or climate condition; and Sense-Wear, a collection of garments and accessories that emphasize the use of human senses.
The other eight finalist designs will have panel presentations at the Lexus booth. The Lexus Design Award Grand Prix winner will be selected from among the four prototype finalists on April 13, 2015, the press day and award ceremony. Please see the following pages for full details on the prototype and panel finalists.
The finalist entries and judging committee comments can be viewed at Those attending Milan Design Week are welcome to visit the Lexus exhibit at T32 Torneria/Carrozzeria, Via Tortona 32, 20144 (Zona Tortona). Further details regarding the Lexus exhibit will be announced in mid-February.
Lexus Design Award 2015 Finalists Selected for Prototype Development

Designer Keita Ebidzuka (Japan)
Description ANIMAL MASKS allow wearers to see the world through animals' eyes, evoking a mythical world where symbolism meets reality.
Mentors Neri & Hu
Title Diomedeidae
Designers Adriano Alfaro (Italy)
Daiki Nakamori (Japan)
Gaetano Mirko Vatiero (Italy)
Description Generating electricity from its own flapping movements, Diomedeidae is a kinetic sculpture whose motion and light appeal to the senses.
Mentor Arthur Huang
Title LUZ
Designer Marina Mellado Mendieta (Spain)
Description LUZ uses emotional lighting technology to create an environment appropriate to any weather or climate condition.
Mentor Max Lamb
Title Sense-Wear
Designers Emanuela Corti and Ivan Parati (Italy)
Description Sense-Wear is a collection of garments and accessories that emphasize use of human senses.
Mentor Robin Hunicke
Title Braille Reader
Designer Juchun Jung (South Korea)
Description         The Braille Reader allows the visually impaired to read printed materials, bridging the senses of sight and touch.
Title >crosswalk<
Designers Naoki Kaminaka and Ryo Yamaguchi (Japan)
Description >crosswalk< is a crosswalk design featuring arrows that guide pedestrians, thus allowing smoother crossing.
Title Embodiment of Fractal
Designer Hiroyuki Morita (Japan)
Description Embodiment of Fractal invites the viewer to experience the fresh visual and tactile experience of the fractal growth of a natural forest.
Title Here Comes the Sun
Designers Chun-Fu Chen and Chi-Ming Pao (Taiwan)
(Department of Product Design, Shu-Te University)
Description Here Comes the Sun is a heater that simulates sunlight coming through a window, providing warmth and hope. 
Designer Yuzo Azu (Japan)
Description Applying traditional East Asian brushwork principles, INSTAMP uses pressure and angle of touch to give emotion and artistic effect to Western lettering.
Title Leather?
Designer Amon Matsuo (Japan)
Description By applying traditional Japanese paper-making/molding techniques to powdered shoe-making by-products, a new unique material emerges.
Title Mnote, Mnemonic Note
Designer Benjamin Xue (Singapore)
Description Mnote is a writing pad designed to take advantage of our senses to improve memory and help us retain important information.
Title yamaori taniori tent
Designer Iyo Hasegawa (Japan)
Description Inspired by origami, this tent appeals to the senses as it is transformed from a flat sheet to a visually appealing shelter.


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