Lexus’ Online Magazine Increases Features and Functionality to Engage Luxury Customers

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Torrance, Calif. (Nov. 3, 2009) – Luxury customers have welcomed the unique articles and information in Lexus Magazine for six years.  Now available online at, readers will find new tools, functions and features that will help them explore and enjoy the publication even more.
Like every good magazine, the key to Lexus Magazine’s success has always been its content.  The magazine continues to feature a wide array of lifestyle and product stories, but told in a very engaging way.  The articles are shorter and accompanied by more audio and video.  Graphically appealing slideshows continue to showcase the beautiful photography for which the magazine is known.
Readers can get advice on how to get the most out of their vehicle and its features by e-mailing the editors with questions that could be answered in the new Ask Lexus section. They can also get weekly updates on Lexus events, owner benefits, and vehicles in the Lexus News section.
New technology features have been integrated so readers can post articles to Facebook or other social media sites, receive the Lexus Magazine RSS Feed or install an iGoogle widget to receive the Photo of the Week.  A Lexus magazine iGoogle theme also is available for use as a background on readers’ iGoogle homepage.
“We have many loyal readers of Lexus Magazine and we think these added features will allow them to get the unique content and entertaining stories they want in the format they prefer,” said Dave Nordstrom, Lexus vice president of marketing.
Currently, the magazine contains lifestyle stories about California Resorts, Celebrity Chef Govind Armstrong, and New Zealand Jade.  Also available are Lexus product articles including a preview of the new Lexus HS 250h, “How do I set up Bluetooth,” and an interview with the IS Convertible Chief Engineer.
Links to the new technologies are:
About Lexus
Lexus is celebrating its 20th Anniversary in the United States.  Since its debut in 1989, Lexus has earned a reputation for offering high-quality luxury vehicles and providing benchmark customer service. Lexus now has 227 dealers and has been the top-selling luxury automaker in the U.S. for nine years in a row.  Lexus is also committed to the environment and is the leader in luxury hybrid vehicles. Currently, Lexus offers four luxury hybrids. Through its innovative technology and outstanding customer service, Lexus is dedicated to exceeding its customers’ expectations.
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