The 2022 Lexus NX signifies an enriched driving experience that is to be expected from the luxury brand.

The all-new compact crossover — with its wider stance, lower center of gravity, and larger, optional 20-inch wheels— also connotes an elevated design, a bold silhouette signaling the brand’s new venture on the path of verve and flair.

The new NX flaunts curves mixed with sharp lines and angular edges that combine modernity with futuristic styling. In place of the conventional Lexus “L” emblem, that has been on vehicles’ rears and stitched inside cabins since 1989, is block lettering spelling out the Lexus name: L-E-X-U-S.

“The new rear badge gives the NX a wider stance and complements the full-length tail lamp,” says Todd Blickenstaff, product marketing senior analyst at Lexus.

Customer research, as well as employee and dealer sentiment, found the new font to be more refined, sophisticated.

The upgraded logo — a new design cue — is expected to be applied to future models, and it’s only the start.

Steering Toward Design 

The latest NX — the most technologically advanced vehicle under the Lexus marquee since the brand launched 32 years ago — reflects an expansive styling plan.

By 2025, Lexus will roll out 20 new or upgraded models. As the brand embarks on this new endeavor, its focus on design — one of its four brand pillars — will be key to revamping the bevy of upcoming vehicles with unique looks, making them distinct and attractive to guests, including those who fall within the Gen-Y bracket.

Design allures. Guests are not only surveying Lexus vehicles because they seek performance and safety. Styling, an appearance that satiates the desire to look and feel good whether behind the wheel or riding in comfort as an occupant, is a draw for those with an affinity for luxury.

“Design affects the way you feel when you’re driving a vehicle,” Blickenstaff says. “Of course, performance is one thing, but you want a vehicle that you’re drawn to. You want that emotional connection to your vehicle, and you want to get that feeling when you look at your vehicle parked in the garage.”

An Eye-Catching Look Plus More

The NX’s exterior has been bedecked with a refined spindle grille. A mesh pattern of U-shaped blocks creates a three-dimensional effect, giving the vehicle’s front fascia depth. A full-width blade tail lamp emitting LED lighting horizontally traces the rear of the vehicle, beaming a curtain of light onto the new block lettering name plate.

“The designers’ key style phrases were: vital and dynamism,” Blickenstaff said. “I think you can see that in the angular and seductive forms of the new NX. There’s a unique combination of both curved surfaces and sharp lines. The 2022 model year NX has a very long, sleek front and truncated rear. The grille face stands upright with the top surface of the hood extending the full length.”

Blickenstaff describes the new design as avant-garde, provocative and mature.

Let the Interior Speak for Itself

Upping the ante on design isn’t intended solely to spotlight the exterior of the vehicle. It enlivens the driving experience, creating a cabin space that is both thoughtful, technologically advanced, and functional.

For example, the new NX debuts an optional Lexus’ Thematic Ambient Illumination, which lets drivers customize their own ambient lighting. They can select from 14 themes such as rainforest, bamboo or iceberg, to aesthetically brighten the foot wells, the center console and doors.

A standard 9.8-inch touch screen, which replaces the former touch pad, allows guests to pinch, swipe and zoom using their fingertips. A 14-inch touch screen is available. The switch from remote touch to the new touch screen has created more storage space. The removal of the remote touch has carved out room to fit an optional wireless charger that can be tucked away in the center console.

Technology as a Design Cue

Another design component that also meets the needs of those who crave technology is Digital Latch — located on both inside and outside the vehicle on all four doors. Instead of pulling on the door handles, drivers lightly press a button and the door opens.

Lexus’ standard Safe Exit Assist, which blends technology into the design, scans the environment to detect an oncoming car or cyclist. These sensors, which are seamlessly integrated into the bumper, enable drivers and passengers to open doors safely to help decrease the risk of a collision.

This thoughtful integration of technology and design will help draw the Gen-Y market to the brand.

“The importance of technology to this generation cannot be overstated,” Blickenstaff says about drivers who appreciate the new features, including the all-new Lexus Interface that has wireless Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™, Voice Assistant, cloud-navigation capable with Google Points of Interest (POI), over the air updates and available Digital Key, which allows drivers to access their NX via a smartphone.

And for drivers who also favor an open cabin space, the NX offers the all-too appealing, optional panoramic sunroof.

Whether in motion or standing still, the new NX makes a strong impression —from its exterior styling to its user-friendly interface. This luxury crossover is designed with the driver in mind by connecting them to the vehicle for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Originally published December 16, 2021

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