In the course of fulfilling regular errands and routine responsibilities, from daily commutes to child-activity runarounds, it can be easy to forget that the Lexus vehicle you’re driving is also designed for pure on-the-road joy.

We could remind you of this fact by delving into the myriad Lexus features that contribute to driving pleasure, such as paddle shifters, sequential-shift transmissions, quick Lexus Hybrid Drive accelerations, Drive Mode Select, and the like.

But we’re not going to do that.

Instead, we’d like to turn your attention to some fellow Lexus drivers who know a lot about Lexus-vehicle enjoyment—the 2023 Lexus Vasser Sullivan Racing team. These are drivers who understand what it is to drive, really drive, a Lexus, which of course they’ve been doing throughout this year’s thrilling Lexus Motorsports season (including a recent double win at Six Hours of the Glen).

Trademarks shown are those of their respective owners

Trademarks shown are those of their respective owners

However, they also know the importance of finding driving pleasure anywhere, in any capacity one finds fun, which is why we asked them to share their own favorite off-track stretches of road. Consider it inspiration to seek out—or revisit—your own favorite Lexus-driving spots:

Aaron Telitz (five years driving a Lexus RC F GT3 for Vasser Sullivan)

“My all-time favorite stretch of road is a little county road outside of my hometown of Birchwood, Wisconsin. The road is called ‘County Road DD.’ It weaves its way from Lake Chetac to Big Birch Lake and eventually the edge of Birchwood. The road is never straight with multiple blind and off-camber corners. I grew up driving on DD almost every day, even though it was the long way to Birchwood! On a drive up north to visit my parents in 2021, I had a beautiful  and took the long way home to take it down DD for old times’ sake.”

Ben Barnicoat (two years driving for Lexus Racing)

“My favorite drive off the racetrack had to be recently going down the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco to Los Angeles. I was lucky enough to do that in April 2022. I had the opportunity to drive an LC 500 convertible, and the sun was shining so I had the roof down. It was just a beautiful drive. I’m a huge fan of the ocean, so it was nice to drive and see the ocean views. The team spends so much time in the racecars driving as fast as we can, pushing our Lexus RC F GT3 vehicles to the limit, so the Pacific drive was obviously a very different experience. It was super relaxing driving the speed limit, and nice and chill because you want to go slow and appreciate the scenery that surrounds you. Quite different to what we do when we’re racing, but an incredible memory of great views and a great road with a lot of tight and twisting lanes.”

Frankie Montecalvo (five years driving a Lexus RC F GT3 for Vasser Sullivan)

“My favorite stretch of road to drive off the track would have to be at a national recreation area at Sandy Hook, which is located near my home in New Jersey. It’s just a beautiful stretch. It feels like you’re in the middle of nowhere, yet you’ve got the beach on one side and the river on the other. It’s just a great drive right along the coast, and it’s an especially nice drive at sunset.”

Jack Hawksworth (seven years driving for Lexus Racing)

“My favorite road is a winding road behind the town of Bingley, near my hometown of Bradford, England, where I grew up. The road runs past a pub called Dick Hudsons, so we always used to refer to that stretch as ‘Dick Hudsons’.’ Back in the day, my mates and I used to drive our little hatchbacks over that road every evening. I had a little yellow one at the time that used to break down every other week. It had a huge stereo and a Sparco gear lever in it! Good times!”

By the way, if you’re not already, make sure to follow the team throughout the 2023 Lexus Racing season at @LexusRacingUSA on Instagram or Facebook and follow the team all year at


Originally published July 19, 2023

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