Looking for some off-road inspiration to fuel your wanderlust fervor?

An off-road vision board brought to life, the Lexus J201 Concept is adorned with functional and stealthy enhancements that are as equally suited for off-road excursions as they are for evenings out on the town. Venture out to watch the sun rise in the wilderness, enjoy an impromptu picnic— or maybe even take a spin on the beach. It’s outfitted with tires that grip rocky surfaces and is packed with other off-road-ready attributes, like twin compressors to inflate its unique footwear after rolling through the sand.

This special customized concept vehicle, created in collaboration with Expedition Overland, is based on Lexus’ luxury full-size four-wheel-drive LX 570 sport-utility. Hence, the concept vehicle’s name is derived from the LX 570’s chassis and platform code: URJ201. The concept SUV — not on sale — boasts more than 18 aftermarket upgrades, including a supercharged 5.7-liter V-8 engine to handle off-road treks, making the J201 an aspirational rig for off-road enthusiasts ready to explore an outdoor adventure.

Under the J201’s Hood

Whether you prefer to venture onto muddier grounds, crawl across riverbeds or drive along winding mountainsides, the J201’s beefed-up engine is powered to perform. Its Magnuson supercharger pushes 550 horsepower plus 550 pounds per foot of torque, meaning its brawnier engine can heft all those added aftermarket amenities that make this concept SUV not only powerful, but functional.

Off the Beaten Path

A spontaneous detour from the itinerary might lead to a water crossing or down a dusty road. Don’t worry, the TJM Airtec snorkel that extends to the J201’s roof not only filters the air passing through the engine, but also reduces the hazard of engine damage during water crossings. There’s also an Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension that controls both front and rear wheels for stable driving and handling.

The Lexus J201 is also perfect for rugged terrain. Sitting on 33-inch General Grabber X3 tires that hug 17-inch aluminum EVO Corse Dakar-Zero wheels, the large tire grooves help prevent mud, stones and dirt from clinging to the rubber. The J201’s redesigned front and rear gears offer more control should the vehicle need to crawl over larger rocks, such as boulders.

CBI rock sliders have been mounted to the truck’s sides to keep gravel and other types of debris from denting door sills. CBI skid plates cover the J201’s front underbody, front end and rear bumper, where there are sensors, an integrated tire carrier, dual fuel canisters, a spare tire and a ladder for access to the roof to attach a kayak or bicycle or, say, star gaze.

Added Aftermarket Amenities

Atop the J201 SUV sits a full Prinsu roof rack that stretches from above the vehicle’s windshield to its rear cargo — perfect for carrying the paddleboard so you can feel the wind and waves.

There’s also a storage case for Maxtrax recovery boards in case the vehicle needs extra traction to crawl its way out of looser surfaces, such as a muddy bog or a sand ditch. In addition, a premium winch by WARN Industries has been affixed to the bumper, as well as recovery hooks for stickier off-road situations.

Be ready to embrace the outdoors and head for the next adventure. It’s a chance to create everlasting memories. Cameras are optional.

Originally published August 16, 2021

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