Automaker’s F performance marque highlighted in new marketing campaign

TORRANCE, Calif. (April 7, 2014) — To tout its performance-focused F lineup (#LexusF), today Lexus launches a new marketing campaign that highlights a bold side of the brand. The TV spot features the exhilarating new RC F, the powerful LFA, the striking IS F SPORT and the fierce GS F SPORT. Like the spirit of these four vehicles, the spot emboldens consumers to indulge their desires.

“Lexus has a provocative new attitude that is represented particularly well by the F line of vehicles,” said Brian Smith, Lexus vice president of marketing. “This stylized spot showcases the performance-driven arm of the brand while introducing consumers to a different side of Lexus.”

The new general market spot, “Temptation,” utilizes a rich color palette and a series of emotion-driven vignettes. The look and feel of the ad is a continuation of Lexus’ design direction and celebrates the alter ego of the iconic luxury brand.

The spot begins with a couple kissing against a wall of an empty alley in the pouring rain. The man’s gaze catches a blue RC F poised to take off at the other end of the alley. His eyes change in this moment of longing as the voiceover states, “F provokes lust.”

Next, a gray GS F SPORT pulls up in front of a hotel valet stand. The driver tosses his keys confidently to the valet and walks into the building with an attractive woman on his arm; the voiceover says, “Elicits pride.”

The spot then cuts to a limo carrying a group of partygoers. One of the men inside catches a glimpse of a yellow LFA pulling up next to them. His face drops, wishing he were the driver of the supercar instead of a passenger in the limo. The voiceover states, “Incites envy,” as the LFA blasts away.

The final story shows a man sitting impatiently behind the wheel of a white IS F SPORT at a railroad crossing as a long, slow train rumbles by. He grows agitated as he waits to peel away; the voiceover says, “and unleashes wrath.” As the train clears and the gate arm lifts, the tires spin and he tears down the open road. All four vehicles pull into an empty parking garage, and the final voiceover states, “Temptation comes in many heart-pounding forms. But only one letter: F. The performance marque from Lexus.”

The spot begins airing today during primetime, late night, cable programs and network and cable sports. Additional sports packages include multichannel advertising with NHL on NBC Sports/NHL Network and NCAA basketball on CBS.

Supporting print, digital and out-of-home campaign elements also focus on performance while bringing meaning to “F.” The print campaign will be featured in titles such as Sports Illustrated, Vogue and Motor Trend, along with a VIP Coachella event partnership planned with Details. In addition to heavy digital presence through paid media and high-traffic websites, online content partnerships include an MSN video series exploring what makes a man push the limits of extreme performance, and a Motor Trend branded-content series answering the question, “What is Lexus F?” Key out-of-home elements include full-motion video boards at DC Gallery Place and digital boards in New York City’s Times Square. Additionally, creative elements will run in MLB, MLS, NBA and NHL stadiums across 10 Lexus markets with a PA announcement, video board presence and dynamic signage during a break in action.


Additional marketing components will follow in the coming weeks as well. Visit to view the spot. 




About Lexus
Lexus launched in 1989 with two luxury sedans and a commitment to pursue perfection. Since that time, Lexus has expanded its lineup to meet the needs of global luxury customers. Lexus is now going beyond its reputation for high-quality vehicles with the integration of innovative technology, emotional exterior and interior designs, and engaging driving dynamics and performance. With five models incorporating Lexus Hybrid Drive, Lexus is the luxury hybrid leader. Lexus also offers six F SPORT models and two F models, including the LFA supercar, for top-of-the-line performance. In the United States, Lexus vehicles are sold through 233 dealers who are committed to exemplary customer service.

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