‘Engineering Amazing’ Campaign to Utilize New Full Screen Billboard Unit on Pandora Website

OAKLAND, Calif. Oct. 20, 2011 – Pandora (NYSE: P), the leading personalized radio service, today announced Lexus as the premier client to run a campaign using a new type of HTML5 enabled advertising unit on the recently redesigned Pandora website. The new premium advertisement is a large format 970×250 banner inclusive of a video and an integrated skin.
The advertisement, part of the Lexus ‘Engineering Amazing’ campaign, is targeted to adults ages 25-54 and is the first impression these listeners will see upon starting their Pandora stations. The large format ad integrates seamlessly into the listening experience, while accentuating the sleek, modern creative on Pandora’s web platform. The creative includes a Lexus branded integrated skin and showcases the “Crash Test Genius” Lexus video.
Pandora’s senior vice president of strategic solutions, Heidi Browning said, “This campaign illustrates how we continue to innovate while balancing the listener experience. Our billboard ad unit will help brands build awareness at scale and grab the listener’s attention at first impression with a gorgeous canvas. We strive for all of the ads on our site to be as personal and relevant to each listener as the music they are listening to.”
“The ‘Engineering Amazing’ campaign features some of our most compelling safety and hybrid technology, so it aligns well with Pandora and allows us to deliver our message to an engaged audience that expects to receive relevant ads with minimal disruption,” states Brian Smith, vice president of marketing at Lexus.
The new billboard advertising unit marks the next phase of Lexus working closely with Pandora to help generate awareness of the Lexus brand and showcase how they are ‘Engineering Amazing.’ In the last few months, the partnership has produced:
  • Pandora One trial offer: Targeted listeners received an offer to try Pandora One, Pandora’s premium service that is ad-free, for 30-days at no cost courtesy of Lexus.
  • Future-Proof stations: Nic Harcourt, music tastemaker, teamed up with Lexus to identify songs of today that he believes will be listened to 10, 20 even 50 years from now. The Future-Proof station on Pandora is a playlist of 100 songs that he predicts will stand the test of time. Listeners also have the option to submit the songs that they believe are “future-proof.”

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