Whether moving or parked, your Lexus is a convenient wellness retreat

We certainly don’t have to tell you that Lexus drivers need a healthy personal timeout once in a while—a chance to step away from the countless to-dos and responsibilities that come with a successful life. And while exercise and longer getaways are superb recharging experiences, don’t forget the premium wellness retreat parked in your driveway. Consider these timeouts with your Lexus:

The 30-minute personal driveway concert: Question: have you ever taken time to really experience your Lexus model’s sound system? We mean carefully focusing on how crisply the system delivers musical notes (not just enjoying how great it sounds while you’re driving). The reason we ask: everything about the system, from the speaker placement to the audio technologies, was carefully designed for incredible—even concert-like—acoustics and sound quality. So why not take 30 minutes in your Lexus—safely parked—to sit back and deeply listen to a few favorite songs from, say, an Apple CarPlay® playlist?* You may just hear them in a new way.

A getaway to low noise: Lexus vehicles’ advanced anti-noise features have been helping keep Lexus interiors quiet for decades, and their ability to help create a serene driving atmosphere also helps provide a tranquil respite while parked—be it in your driveway or next to a favorite vista. How to use this enjoyable, low-noise stillness is up to you, of course, but thinking, meditating, or simply taking a power nap are all possibilities. Just remember that your Lexus cabin is designed to be a cocoon-like space, one that can be used, whenever needed, to take short breaks from the world’s ambient commotion.

A change-of-pace movie experience with a loved one: This is for Lexus drivers whose vehicles have the Rear-Seat Entertainment System*, which brings theater-like capabilities to the rear cabin. And while this system is handy for parents on long road trips with children, it’s also great for a parked movie escape. Consider a change-of-scene movie date with your significant other at a dramatic parking location, or a fun rear-seat movie afternoon with your children on a drizzly afternoon—popcorn included, of course.

Using your Lexus—and navigation system—for good: Lexus drivers tend to be philanthropic by nature. So how about plotting a spirit-lifting “giving route” via your vehicle’s navigation system*—just a few hours of small philanthropic acts that require a little driving? One idea: make a few grocery deliveries for your local food bank or deliver supplies to local soup kitchens (many rely on donations that need pickup and transport from community members and businesses).

A scenic spin with Dynamic Radar Cruise Control: Driving on a beautiful road is an uplifting activity. So how about taking a scenic drive—preferably a route with limited traffic? And while you’re at it, consider engaging Dynamic Radar Cruise Control to assist with the driving.* Standard on recent Lexus models equipped with Lexus Safety System+*, the system is designed to automatically adjust speed to help keep a safe, set distance between vehicles in the same lane.

Finally, remember the sheer pleasure of driving: In the course of fulfilling regular errands and routine responsibilities, it can be easy to forget that your Lexus is also designed for pure on-the-road joy. So let’s talk about Drive Mode Select. If your Lexus model is equipped with this feature, and you haven’t had time to experiment with that dial on your center console, we highly recommend carving out a road trip for a few hours and altering your vehicle’s personality: driving confidently (and safely) on a winding backroad in Sport mode, for example, can do wonders for the soul.

Originally posted on Drivers.Lexus.com.

Originally published August 11, 2022

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