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Chicago (Feb. 07, 2022) – Lexus is bringing style, technology and efficiency to the 2022 Chicago Auto Show, including the all-new 2022 Lexus  LX 600,  NX and IS 500 SEMA Build. The Chicago Auto Show takes place Feb. 12-21, at McCormick Place, located at 2301 S King Dr., Chicago.

Guests of the auto show will have the opportunity to experience the fully reimagined 2022 Lexus LX 600, the brand’s ultimate sport-utility flagship vehicle that brings unparalleled capability, luxury and human-centered technology to the diversified model portfolio. With an all-new 3.5-liter V6 twin-turbo gasoline engine, the LX 600 offers seamless power and efficiency. The full-size luxury SUV, with its newly reengineered body-on-frame platform, avant-garde style and luxurious cabin, embodies Lexus’ commitment to meeting the diversifying needs and lifestyles of customers.

The 2022 Lexus NX will also be on display, showcasing an entirely new platform, making the mid-size SUV longer, wider and taller for more passenger and cargo space. Taking performance further, the new NX features powerful turbo and sporty hybrid powertrains. Proving there’s an NX for every driver, its four new powertrains include a new 2.5-liter inline 4-cylinder engine and the first-ever Lexus plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, the NX 450h+, with an EPA-estimated 36-mile range on electric power.

The 2022 NX delivers a long list of Lexus firsts, including next-generation Lexus Safety System+ 3.0 technology and Digital Latch with Safe Exit Assist to alert the driver and passengers to avoid the risk of accidental door contact with vehicles or cyclists.

The Lexus IS 500 SEMA build will be an eye-catching high-performance sedan for attendees to see up-close. Lexus partnered with Hiraku Co. and Lexus ambassador, Townsend Bell, to develop a uniquely appealing street performance themed IS 500 build. The customized body kit was 3D printed specifically for the build, and includes a front lip spoiler, side steps, rear diffuser, front fenders, bumper canards, rear roof spoiler and a Seibon carbon fiber hood and trunk. On the inside of the Lexus IS 500, Sparco SPX carbon fiber reclining seats and a custom Alcantara steering wheel complete the build.

The Lexus booth will also feature a Lexus Interface simulator, allowing guests to engage in the features of the all-new elegant, intuitive connected multimedia system. Auto show attendees can also take part in the Mark Levinson in-car listening experience, the sound system that produces impeccable sound that immerses the driver in every ride.

The Chicago Auto Show is committed to providing a safe environment for all involved and will carefully adhere to the health and safety protocols and guidelines set forth by city and state officials. For more information on the Chicago Auto Show, visit: www.chicagoautoshow.com

Jennifer Greenfelder
[email protected]

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2022_Lexus IS 500_Premium_CircuitRed_001

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2022_Lexus IS 500_Premium_CircuitRed_007

2022_Lexus IS 500_Premium_CircuitRed_008

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2022_Lexus IS 500_Premium_CloudburstGray_001

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2022_Lexus IS 500_Premium_CloudburstGray_009

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2022_Lexus IS 500_Premium_CloudburstGray_012

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