As the iconic sedan that has set the tone for all other luxury automakers, the Lexus LS is positioned by Brand Holder and Master Driver Akio Toyoda as, “a model that gives rise to transformation through the spirit of constant innovation and by providing new technologies and value for the times.” For 2022, the flagship Lexus LS 500 continues this trend with additional in-cabin refinement and the addition of standard Lexus Safety System+ 2.5 on all models.

2022_Lexus LS-500_F-Sport_Atomic_Silver_006

2022_Lexus LS-500_F-Sport_Atomic_Silver_007

2022_Lexus LS-500_F-Sport_Atomic_Silver_008

2022_Lexus LS-500_F-Sport_Atomic_Silver_009

2022_Lexus LS-500_F-Sport_Atomic_Silver_010

2022_Lexus LS-500_F-Sport_Atomic_Silver_011

2022_Lexus LS-500_F-Sport_Atomic_Silver_012

2022_Lexus LS-500_F-Sport_Atomic_Silver_013

2022_Lexus LS-500_F-Sport_Atomic_Silver_014

2022_Lexus LS-500_F-Sport_Atomic_Silver_015

2022_Lexus LS-500_F-Sport_Atomic_Silver_016

2022_Lexus LS-500_F-Sport_Atomic_Silver_017

2022_Lexus LS-500_F-Sport_Atomic_Silver_018

2022_Lexus LS-500_F-Sport_Atomic_Silver_019

2022_Lexus LS-500_F-Sport_Atomic_Silver_020

2022_Lexus LS-500_F-Sport_Atomic_Silver_021

2022_Lexus LS-500_F-Sport_Atomic_Silver_022

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