2012 NAIAS Press Conference – Lexus LF-LC Concept Reveal

2012 NAIAS Press Conference – Lexus LF-LC Concept Reveal

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2012 NAIAS Press Conference
Lexus LF-LC Hybrid Sport Coupe Concept Reveal
January 10, 2012
Mark Templin, Group Vice President and General Manager, Lexus Division, Toyota Motor Sales

[Opening video]

That’s just a small taste of what we’ll be launching this year … and gives a hint at the transformation taking place at Lexus.

Good afternoon everyone. You know…it’s fitting that we’re here in Detroit for this unveiling…this is where we introduced the very first Lexus car to the world … the LS 400.

So…we couldn’t think of a better place to have the global premiere of our latest concept car…because this is more than just a new car for us.

Like the LS… twenty-three years ago… it signals the start of something BIG.

In this case…the coupe represents the exciting and emotional styling direction Lexus is taking…and gives you a sneak peek into our brand’s future.

But…before we shine the spotlight on it… let me give you a quick overview of what 2012 will be like at Lexus.

It’s going to be quite a year…we’re beginning the third phase of our brand.

The first phase was establishing the brand as a true contender in the luxury market that provides…
– the best quality,
– the best value,
– and the best customer experience in the business.

The second phase was all about expanding our product portfolio … and growing Lexus to be one of the best selling luxury brands.

And… now… the third phase… is all about providing emotional and inspirational products.

This new phase kicks into high gear beginning with the all-new GS… which goes on sale in just a few weeks.

And… we’ll continue with a steady flow of products throughout the year.

In fact… including the GS … Lexus will introduce nine new or updated vehicles … and three
F-Sport models … this year … alone.

You saw some of them in the opening video… but keep an eye on Lexus… because… from the GS forward… all our products will have…
– more distinctive designs…
– more engaging driving dynamics…
– even better fuel economy…
– and more advanced electronics… that are safe and easy to use… like our next generation Lexus Enform.

You can see the new ’13 model year GS and LX out on the show floor today … so make sure you stop by to see how our products proudly wear the new face of Lexus.

Now … while our products are going through a design revolution… one thing won’t EVER change… our foundation for providing quality products at a great value… AND delivering
an unmatched customer experience.

Our dealers are the best …they continue to take great care of their customers… that’s THEIR job.

OUR job… is to provide outstanding cars.

Cars that elicit an emotional response… and tug at the heart.

Cars that take the Lexus ownership experience to a whole new level.

Cars like this …

Ladies and gentlemen… take a look at the future of Lexus… our newest concept hybrid coupe… the LF-LC…

You know… I remember the first time I saw this coupe… I was speechless.

This is one HOT lookin’ car… AND since it has our next generation hybrid powertrain… it’ll push our hybrid leadership stake even deeper into the ground!

The LF-LC was imagined and created at our Calty Design center in Newport Beach, California.

When you look at this car and see the intricate lines flowing throughout … or check out the look of the grille… or the headlamps… you have to wonder what our designers were thinking when they started with a blank sheet of paper.

Let's have them tell you about their inspiration… take a look …

The team from the video are here today… and I’d like for them to stand so you’ll know
who these great artists are…
– Kevin [Hunter, President of Calty]…
– Ian [Cartabiano, Studio Design Manager]…
– William [Chergosky, Project Chief Designer for the Interior]…
– Edward [Lee, Senior Creative Designer for the Exterior]…
– Ben [Chang, Senior Creative Designer for the Interior]…
– And…Wendy Lee [Color & Trim Studio Design Manager].

Thank you for being here today… and for creating such an original and drop dead gorgeous car.

One look at this coupe…and you can see their passion came through.

The fluid lines through the entire silhouette of the car…create a dynamic profile that emphasizes direction and motion.

It features a glass-to-glass roof pillar…that has never been done before…and paired with
a sliding glass roof…there’s tremendous visibility for the driver.

The spindle grille takes on an entirely new identity…and that shape is also sculpted into the rear of the car.

And … as you heard in the video … the tail lamps were inspired by jet afterburners.

How cool is THAT?

On the inside … for any technology enthusiast … this is what HEAVEN looks like.

There are TWO … 12.3 inch LCD screens.

One for the meter cluster … the other for the navigation system.

And … information can stream from one to the other.

Instead of a Remote Touch Interface … there’s a tech-board.

It’s like having a tilt up iPad built into the console to control your…
– navigation,
– audio,
– and climate.

And the four-inch screens on the doors operate…
– the windows,
– mirrors,
– seat adjustments,
– and entertainment features.

The ultra light steering wheel has an integrated start button…and the multi-layered race-inspired seats are stylish and functional.

That was key to designing this concept coupe.

We wanted this to be a gorgeous car… but we also wanted everything to be functional with a focus on the driver.

With this coupe … we’re showing the world that Lexus is an exciting, dynamic company…that’s more than capable of creating emotional cars that people fall in love with.

Ladies and gentlemen … the next phase of Lexus has begun.

We’re even more confident about the future of our brand … and, with this year’s product blitz…combined with an even stronger determination to do what’s right for our customers…Lexus will grow more than any luxury brand in the industry this year.

From the GS forward… this is the new face of Lexus.

Thank you.

The entire team from Calty and I will be here to answer any of your questions.

Then later this afternoon the coupe will be moved to our Lexus display for everyone to see.

Now … if you could do me a favor and please allow the photographers to get a few shots first … then we'll invite all of you to check it out up close …




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