Industry Leading Standard Suite of Owner Benefits, but Almost No One Knows It. Until Now

Industry Leading Standard Suite of Owner Benefits, but Almost No One Knows It. Until Now

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Lexus guests have come to expect a luxurious journey when they get behind the wheel. Sophisticated design, premium performance and top-notch safety are virtually synonymous with the brand — but there’s more.

Standard with Lexus, the brand is elevating the owner experience with LexusCare, an industry-leading suite of services and benefits. While the brand has always had myriad owner benefits, this offering puts them all together under one umbrella, making it easier for guests to manage, navigate and utilize the benefits.

“We wanted to bring Lexus benefits together under one name, one umbrella,” says Cynthia Tenhouse, Vice President of Guest Experience at Lexus. “LexusCare allows us to increase awareness so that ultimately our guests will take advantage. Lexus Care is all encompassing, from maintenance, roadside assistance, and connected services, but it also includes experiential benefits that are true to the Lexus brand, and that’s what makes LexusCare amazing.”

Benefits Abound

LexusCare aims to bring that awareness to all Lexus owners, including Lexus Certified owners. The benefits are plentiful, and owners should be aware that they extend beyond complimentary maintenance, roadside assistance, and comprehensive warranties. LexusCare offers even more benefits that enhance the ownership experience including complimentary Lexus loaner vehicles when servicing at a Lexus dealership.

In addition to the benefits that Lexus owners know and love, guests can also take advantage of experiential opportunities that enhance and complement their lifestyles — outside of their vehicles.

From discounts at luxury spas, hotels and resorts to premier culinary events and wine tastings, Lexus owners can indulge in a variety of experiential activities that are sure to delight and invigorate their senses.

Creating human-centered opportunities for guests to explore the world beyond their vehicles seamlessly dovetails with the brand.

“Guests may buy a Lexus because they want to experience life to the fullest,” says Tenhouse. “I believe LexusCare allows them to do just that. With the experiential aspect of it, they can do more and get out and take advantage of those experiential benefits.”

And the perks don’t stop there. Lexus owners can also receive exclusive offers such as free parking at select stadiums and events, as well as discounts on special event tickets.

To stay up to date on the latest lifestyle benefits and offerings, owners can connect with the Lexus Concierge. Based on their geographic location, guests can learn how to take advantage of all the benefits offered.

No Guest Left Behind

No matter if they’re a new owner or an established one, LexusCare is for all Lexus guests. It’s standard on all new and Lexus Certified vehicles, Tenhouse says.

LexusCare is an extension of the deep trust that customers have with the brand — and that spans guests of all ages.

“The trust in Lexus is very strong,” Tenhouse says. “We are a brand guests trust. They trust us to take care of them and it’s a reason why they keep coming back to Lexus.” She adds, “We believe with LexusCare, every guest wants this whether you are a boomer down to a Gen Z. But as our guests get younger, this becomes even more important.”

“As guest expectations are changing, we need to change with it,” Tenhouse says. “LexusCare will not remain static. It will evolve and change to meet guests where they are and truly making it just an amazing, easy experience for them.”

First-Class Connectivity and Safety

Ease of ownership is key for all drivers, especially younger customers who are digital natives and expect tech advances to meet their needs.

To deliver on those expectations, LexusCare puts all guests at the center and in the driver’s seat, letting them know what they’re getting when they purchase a Lexus vehicle.

Lexus also recently announced that Safety Connect and Service Connect, a suite of connected services are now available with up to a 10-year trial (4G network dependent) on select Lexus models.

And there are plenty of other extended services and benefits that Lexus hopes to ensure guests know about by providing transparency and information that will ultimately enhance their lifestyle and driving experiences through LexusCare.

Delivering on a Brand Promise

Lexus’ reputation for its customer service doesn’t go unnoticed. In fact, Lexus earned a top spot on JD Power’s 2022 U.S. Customer Service Index Study.

“We are number one again,” says Tenhouse. “It’s always been kind of a big achievement and something we’re proud of. Because it really is just a reflection of the fact that customers recognize that Lexus is one of the very best when it comes to delivering an amazing guest experience. We’re hoping that with LexusCare it will just reinforce and build on that.”

Anticipating guests’ needs is part of the brand ethos and Lexus allure. “It’s like anticipatory hospitality — that we don’t just want to meet you where you are. We want to actually try to be out in front of it, and anticipate what’s important,” says Tenhouse. “And again, it just really gives us a chance and a platform to communicate what we stand for, and that we do put the guests at the heart of everything.”

Enhancing the Journey

LexusCare is designed to be a seamless, inclusive, luxury ownership experience with ample benefits, compliments of Lexus. It helps make the ownership experience enjoyable, convenient, trouble-free — with ample perks.

“I think it’s giving them the security, that peace of mind of what comes with LexusCare,” says Tenhouse. “We want to make it as easy as possible – whether you want to have an amazing experience, or you’re stranded on the side of the road, whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered.”

For more information about LexusCare, please visit here.

Originally published November 21, 2022

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