Lexus vehicles provide luxury and quality, whether fresh off the manufacturing line or after a few years on the road. That’s why there’s L/Certified by Lexus, a high-quality certified pre-owned (CPO) program, to match the standards the brand is known for. Named the best CPO program five years in a row by U.S. News & World Report, L/Certified by Lexus is trusted by first-time buyers and Lexus loyalists alike.

“We know that we’re one of the number-one brands in the luxury industry in terms of loyalty and retention with our buyers,” says Rick Williams, L/Certified by Lexus Manager. “Once they become a L/Certified customer, we know we hold on to them as a Lexus guest, which is fantastic.”

Launched in 1996, the L/Certified by Lexus program allows customers looking for a pre-owned vehicle to have a like-new shopping experience, complete with the Lexus quality they trust and the peace of mind of a comprehensive coverage policy.

According to Williams, these benefits create high retention and loyalty among L/Certified customers. In fact, according to Williams, about 65% of L/Certified customers either buy a new Lexus or another certified pre-owned vehicle when they go to repurchase.

“When it comes to the L/Certified brand, we’re always trying to make sure we’re engaged with our guests and supporting our dealers to create long-term loyalty and retention,” Williams says. “That’s something we are relentless about, from our executive team all the way down.”

Certified Lexus Quality

What makes a pre-owned Lexus vehicle L/Certified? The first step is ensuring the vehicle has maintained its Lexus quality.

“For Lexus to be able to offer a vehicle that’s top quality, we have a rigorous 161-point inspection,” says Williams. “We do an open recall report on those vehicles to make sure there’s no open recalls. If there is, then obviously it’s repaired and in tip-top shape before a customer is allowed to purchase the vehicle.”

Each vehicle also must meet a second set of criteria that’s based on a CARFAX® report, which checks for collision damage and other potential issues with the vehicle’s history. These inspection measures help ensure that the vehicle retains Lexus’ standards.

“We are looking at everything: all the interior and exterior components and their workmanship. Have any of the panels been painted? Is it up to Lexus quality standards?” says Williams. “All of those things are part of a very thorough inspection that I think really does separate us from when you just buy Lexus pre-owned.”

Each L/Certified vehicle comes with a two-year unlimited-mile warranty, factory-recommended maintenance for two years or 20,000 miles (whichever comes first) and 24/7 Lexus Roadside Assistance. When a customer drops off their L/Certified vehicle for maintenance that lasts longer than eight hours, they can receive a complimentary loaner*.

“L/Certified vehicles are just as good as new and more affordable than a typical new vehicle,” Williams says. “The value that you get with them, with the two-year unlimited mileage warranty, the complimentary services, and the low cost of ownership – it’s all worth it. I would recommend it to my family and friends, anyone.”

A Focus on the Future

While the used car industry has been popular for decades — moving about 40 million vehicles annually — the past few years have been unique for the entire automotive industry. The current vehicle inventory environment has contributed to the spotlight shining even brighter on used vehicles maintaining their value and being more popular than ever.

In particular, the L/Certified by Lexus program focuses on young and first-time luxury vehicle buyers.

“We’re really focused on attracting buyers to the brand earlier in the purchasing life cycle,” Williams says. “Our goal is to reach customers that may not consider the Lexus brand initially but would consider a L/Certified pre-owned vehicle.”

As part of this focus, L/Certified is working with the 244 Lexus dealers to create the best possible buying experience for customers. And even though the program has received accolades, L/Certified hasn’t stopped striving to progress. In fact, the program is working to digitize its vehicle inspection and approval process.

“Even though we’ve consistently won awards, we’re still looking at ways to improve our program and make it better,” Williams said. “A digital format will make the program even more accessible earlier in the process and more efficient for our dealers.”

*Subject to loaner vehicle availability.

Originally published September 8, 2022

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