The Lexus RZ 450e comes to the aid of the Dora Milaje as they fend off their villains in Lexus’ latest marketing campaign with Marvel Studios. Together, in the co-branded spot titled “An Electric Future,” the elite warriors and Lexus’ first-ever battery electric vehicle conquer enemies for a more sustainable future.

Here are the three superpowers that make the RZ 450e the perfect vehicle to take on the challenge: 

Power and Acceleration

In the long-form video, the first-ever Lexus RZ 450e helps the Dora Milaje evade enemies and fight ferociously, possessing the power and agility to match the warriors’ own skills. When the Dora Milaje are caught in an unexpected vehicle chase, the RZ 450e moves just as quickly as they react, with the ability to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just over manufacturer-estimated five seconds and reach up to a manufacturer-estimated 312 horsepower. As the vehicle swerves around obstacles and dodges enemy missiles, the RZ 450e’s all-wheel drive system — featuring DIRECT4 drive force distribution control — holds as steady as General Okoye’s focus, which helps her flawlessly aim for and spear the enemy’s vehicle.

Sleek Super-Suit

The Black Panther is instantly recognizable by the sleek, silver-accented armor that helps fight enemies and protect Wakanda. Similarly, the RZ 450e has a lightweight and rigid spindle body that both enhances the performance of the vehicle and gives it a distinct, seamless appearance. While the Black Panther suit enhances the user’s muscles and physical abilities, the RZ 450e’s spindle body amplifies its aerodynamic efficiencies, optimized proportions and style.

Though the RZ 450e isn’t made of vibranium and doesn’t materialize from a ceremonial necklace like the Black Panther suit, it features materials and elements that accentuate the streamlined interior. The RZ 450e is the first Lexus vehicle to feature Shadow Illumination, a design flair that projects light patterns onto the interior door trim. The seats are accented with Ultrasuede made from bio-based sustainable materials for a sumptuous and elevated driving experience.

Designed with a human-centered philosophy in mind, the RZ 450e’s front cockpit is outfitted with intuitive advances that make the journey effortless. Inspired by the “tazuna” reins favored by traditional Japanese equestrians, the steering wheel features switches that put navigation, audio and drive mode controls at drivers’ fingertips — to help keep their eyes on the road.

Technology of the Future

Wakanda is known for its revolutionary technology that has the power to help make the world a better place. Similarly, the RZ 450e represents a brand-new technology and sustainability chapter for Lexus as the brand’s first fully-electric vehicle. Without the need for a combustion engine and its related inner workings, the RZ 450e features some of Lexus’ most advanced elements around connectivity, design, stability and comfort. Wakanda’s technology has the power to inspire global change for the better, and as Lexus’ most eco-conscious and innovative vehicle yet, the RZ 450e does too.

Originally published November 18, 2022

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